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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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name. . >> blame games as we check the morning headlines in london. and stars on stage, the annual salute to broadway, the tonys looking more like the oscars. good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm todd connor. this week, stopping the bill will be job number one as the government puts new pressure on bp. >> here is the latest on day 56.
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the president makes his fourth visit to the region. he will ask for an escrow account. and the new fallout, top gulf coast chefs are incorporating new things as gulf supplies dwindle. >> good morning, john. >> morning todd and vinita. president obama has lavished the lion's share on louisiana. president obama, he's following the oil, the receive stops have been in louisiana. today and tomorrow, he visits gulfport, mississippi, theodore, alabama. >> we can send men to the moon but not cap an oil well? that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the oil is still offshore but closer than ever. >> this is a giant sea starterle
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that we spotted. >> reporter: govern charlie crist says it needs attention. >> questions get answered more quickly, assets get deployed more rapidly. >> reporter: the first signs in panama city, a medal container with bp's name on it. >> it was a real shock and we were concerned because it became apparent that it was a 550 gallon container. >> reporter: even as the shoreline is doused in crude, mississippi's governor says oil is too important to stop offshore drilling. >> i don't think we should have that. >> reporter: the obama administration has asked bp to outsource. >> we want to make sure that money is independently answered. >> reporter: bp's board already coping with an $85 billion loss in market value is holding an emergency meeting today to discuss that fund. when he returns to the gulf tomorrow, the president will
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address the nation with his plans for the oil spill. apparently bp will have little input. >> so, john, the coast guard set a midnight deadline in efforts to stop this bill. did they meet that deadline? >> we don't know yet. you can set a deadline but you can't necessarily get bp to imply. we learned that with the epa asking bp to come up with a new chemical dispersant. the company could not find an alternative. we'll find out in hours exactly what happened here. >> john hendren in washington. well, the growing frustration among gulf coast rnlts has now spilled into the streets. protesters carrying signs rallied in downtown, mobile, alabama, more than 50 took place in five cotton nenlts as part of the group with a worldwide boycott. later on "good morning america," sam champion is back in the gulf, interviewing kevin
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costner about his water-cleaning device. tomorrow night, we will have live coverage on the president's address on the crisis from the oval office. emergency crews are rushing to stop the 21,000-gallon oil leak in utah. they believe they've been able to keep the oil out of great salt lake, but wildlife have been harmed. the leak started friday when a pipe owned by chevron broke. rescuers are wading through mud and debris in a desperate attempt to rescue those killed in floods. t.j. winick has the latest. >> reporter: the rescue and recovery operations in the steep rugged terrain in this part of arkansas into a halt. >> it's pretty tough. you got a lot of trees, a lot of limbs, a lot of brush to go through. a lot of mud. >> reporter: all day long that search continued for those campers not seen since friday's
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flash flood, survivors look for bodies in the caddo river. 19 were confirmed dead. >> knowledge that we know of right now, we know is missing is one. there could possibly be others, though. we just don't know. >> reporter: the remoteness that attracts campers to camp albert pikes are the land scrape is harsh and there's so much debris, it's difficult to get a picture. a fuller picture of what happened is emerging, terry whatley and his family got out. >> that i'm able to tell my kids that i love them, there are parents that aren't able to do this. >> reporter: nancy knows this, she lost her son and two young grandchildren. >> i cried. cried and cried. it really hasn't registered. >> reporter: there was a flash
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flood warning just before 2:00 friday morning. but many of the campers were asleep at the time and apparently never received word. t.j. winick, abc news, langley, arkansas. the search for a missing oregon boy is now a criminal investigation. kyron horman was last seen days ago. a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to kyron. new details are are emerging about what accused killer joran van der sloot tell authorities in chile. he first identified a unidentified robber beat the girl to dead. van der sloot is being held in a high-security prison in peru. abby sunderland, the teenage sailor is now a french fishing vessel heading to dry land.
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writing in her blog, she told those it might take weeks for her to be rescued. instead, it only took days. the boat "wild eyes" lost its mast. severe storms from the texas panhandle to the ohio valley. large hail and gusty winds in amarillo, oklahoma city, louisville and cincinnati. scattered thunderstorms from new orleans, to miami, pop-up showers in new york and new england. light rain from detroit to the twin cities. and showers from seattle to northern montana. >> 66 in billings, 79 in boise, 95 in sacramento. 80s in boston. 80 in new york, and baltimore and miami and over to dallas. well, soon, the check may not number the mail. a big change on the way your government sends out the benefits. plus, police at the world
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cup and a big clash and the latest from south africa. and michael jackson's father making a stunning statement about who's to blame for this son's death. what you did at this morning's meeting? that was pure poetry. stop it. hello? you spotted a million dollar accounting error that no one else noticed. that was pretty sweet. but you did have eight layers of sweet crunchy back up. what can i say? you're the man. or -- you know, the little dude. that's me. [ female announcer ] stop mid-morning hunger with kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain that helps you stay full, so you can stay focused. also, try chocolate little bites. so, how'd the meeting go? outstanding, i wowed them with my chocolate chip center.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it is time for a check of market activity starts overseas. tokyo's nikkei average was up 174 points. hong kong's hang seng as higher in late trading. in london, the ftse opened higher and wall street climbed
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270 points last week. the nasdaq gained 24 last week. today, the obama administration will announce that all government payments will now be made to consumers by direct government. they say it's a way to eliminate the 176 million benefits checks daily. the move is expected to save $300 million over the first five years. the pilot strike at spirit airlines has forced the carrier to cancel all of its flights through tomorrow. the pilots hit the picket lines. it was the "karate kid" that muscled the "a-team." that more than doubled what "a-team" brought in.
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"shrek" slipped to third. and jimmy dean sausage king has died. >> jimmy dean sausage in 1969. folks love it. >> hi downhome commercials made him a multimillionaire in the 1990s. eventually, dean sold the company to sara lee which dropped him as the pitch man saying they wanted to atrat a younger audience. and dean made a hit with the smash "big bad john." coming up next on this monday, highlights from broadway's biggest night. plus, from the world cup, a tail of two goalies, still the talk of the uk today. we'll have the live report from london. and an nfl quarterback caught in a weekend scuffle with the camera overhead. ñ?íññ
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parts of nebraska remain waterloggeded this morning, following a weekend of heavy downpours. floodwaters rose so fast and high that a number of people had to be rescued from their homes and taken away in boats. rain also drenched cornfields. >> flash flooding from texas to ohio. i-80 from chicago to des moines and i-71 from columbus and minneapolis. rain soaked roads from minneapolis and miami. >> expect airport in chicago and boston. >> michael jackson's father joe jackson is now blaming his wife kathryn for their superstar son's death. he said katherine jackson should have intervened.
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michael jackson left a large portion of his estate to his mother, while joe jackson was left out of the will. well, there was a big clash in the world cup. >> police in the see of durbin fired tear gas to security guards who demanded better pay. world cup organizers say it had no impact on spectators or on security. and the fan frenzy continues in south africa as day four of the world cup gets under way today. >> but, of course, everyone is still talking about saturday's match between u.s. and england and the royal blunder that kept team usa afloat. sonia gallego has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. two days after the match, and the british papers are seething over robert green's slip. it's still front page news, never let it be said that the british press are a forgiving bunch, especially when it coming to the beautiful game.
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just to recap, it ended in a 1-1 draw. england scored in the opening minutes, blazing optimism for the fans. that optimism was crushed with that shot that hit off of green's palm and went into the net giving u.s. fans a huge boost. green himself said he has left the country down with a mistake. now, the england too many had a recent history of goalkeeping fiascos. the manager is well aware of this and has not said whether green will play in the game on friday. the score was soarly disappointed to the fans who anticipated faring much better against the usa. traditionally, not the most enthusiasm soccer elation, but it's grown in leaps and bounds. they're no longer a world cup team, but a team to be taken seriously. last year, they beat european
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champions in the confederations cup. >> sonia, we have heard a lot about the noisy cups. the question is are they going to get the boot or not? >> vuvuzelas, they're fast becoming the bane of the tournament. it's a giant swarm of bees that could could be hearing in the match. but that could soon come to an end. there is a chance that the vuvuzelas may be banned inside the stadiums after numerous complaints. the captain of the french team himself said it interfered with the players' ability to concentrate, despite the fact that many say they add atmosphere and local color to the games. >> love them or hate them, you can certainly not not notice them. up next for team usa is slovenia this coming friday. you can catch the game on espn.
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well, the tennessee titans quarterback vince young is facing an assault citation after a scuffle at a glass strip club. the incident caught on tape. footage shows young slowing a punch at the male employee at the club. the university of texas, young faces a $500 fine for the citation. highlights from boston's big win, here's is steve wiseman at espn news. >> good morning. we begin with the pivotal game five from the nba finals. kobe and the lakers looking to take a 3-2 series lead in boston. third quarter, he went off. his daughters called him grumpy after game four. kobe scored 23 straight for l.a. later in the third, dwyane wade couldn't believe it, 19 in the
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third, 38 for the game. later in the quarter, kevin garnett. with the foul, 18 point, 10 rebounds. celtics withstanding, the surge. r rajon rondo, the steal. boston up 10. paul pierce, rondo to the hoop. he had 18 points. celtics win it 92-86, take a 3-2 series lead. meanwhile, baseball, steven strasbourg looking for an encore from the phenomenal mlb day brew. it's trevor crowe striking out. he retired the first three batters. bottom two, travis havner. not going to retire him. tied at 1-1. bottom six, after a single, the fifth walk of the game. strasbourg gets pulled but the bases are loaded.
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the other top pick from last year, nationals win 9-4, strarburg, 5 1/3 innings gets his second win. now, a salute to the best of broadway. the tony reaches out this year to a younger, broader audience. ♪ that is the new rock musical "american idiot" based on the smash hit green day album. scarlett johansson won best performance as a feature actress from "view of a bridge." "fences won for best revival of a play. up next, the stories we're following today. we'll be right back.
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now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. president obama heads to the gulf for his fourth visit since the oil spill crisis began. the president will assess damage in mississippi, alabama and florida. rescue workers are going through debris as they hunt for any survivors. at least one person is known to still be missing. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor, is back in court today to defend his license. and the government wants to stop mailing tax rebate and southeastern security checks. an announcement is expected today about ending process in favor of direct deposit. and sam champion sits down with bp for an interview interview.
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the police officer accused of first degree murder in mount vernon is expected to turn himself in to. a dip in the pool could make your sick. find out if your pool is nice and healthy. that's kind of gross, but we'll tell you all about it. hear that? buzzzzz. >> it's hard to watch. >> any time you watch a sporting event on mute it can't be a good thing. she is a world class soccer player. hear the noise? hear the trumpets? >> i love that. this monday will pick up where
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we left off over the weekend. today we'll be in the low 90s. yesterday we came in at 94. you know what? i have good news. we will be cooling down by tomorrow as a cold front passes through the area. we have a heat wave possible to the end of the week. let's show you what's going on right now in terms of doppler radar. maryland's most powerful radar. we are not dealing with any type of precipitation for today. all in all, it'll stay dry throughout the day. here's your 1 hour forecast. start you out at lunch time. it's going to be a hot one. might want to stay in ac. 88 degrees into lunch time. afternoon, around 4:00, 91 degrees. and then by the evening, i say around


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